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 -oO Ghost Stories Oo-

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PostSubject: -oO Ghost Stories Oo-   Sun Aug 21, 2011 1:49 pm

It can be real experience, or an awesome story you heard or even wrote. I'll be posting a series of experiences and stories myself.

:3 make sure to accredit the "owner" of the stories!
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PostSubject: Re: -oO Ghost Stories Oo-   Wed Aug 24, 2011 3:52 pm

Lore from the Islands
source : from personal experience, friends and family. Obake book by Glen Grant

Hawaii is multi-cultured, I'm amazed Hawaii doesn't sink into the ocean with the population as big as it is. We have a Lizard God, faceless ghosts, vampires, zombies, gods that walk the streets at night, night marchers (marching of the dead from mountain to the sea, they WILL kick your arse if you're in the way), man eating ghosts, raping ghosts(yes raping), ghost dogs, a highway that could shut your car off midway down a hill or even shut your brakes off, obake hand(ghost hand), Shark God, and even friendly security guards... that are dead.

Calling ghost: its a ghost/being calling your name to lure you into doom. I'm being serious too. Doom. Sometimes... its... different...

->A funny account is a group of friends walking on the sand of Sandy Beach(name of beach, its a local name not the "official" name) and one guy was dragging behind a bit. Suddenly he started screaming, his friends turned to look and too their surprise, the guy was floating in the air and tossed into the crashing waves.

He came out of the water screaming "Ill kill that *****! I'll kill that woman!!!"

After a while, the friends calmed him down and trying to explain he was floating in mid-air.

"No. A girl came running out from the water, hit me on the head and threw me in the water!!"

xD Some calling ghost doesn't wait for the person to be lured.

-> An experience my brother had while walking home from the bus late at night. A bridge over a canal is near our house, but that night my brother saw police tape hanging off the bridge. There wasn't anyone or thing there so he figured he'd take it for his room. Heading home he heard his name in a local dialect, he turned around and saw no one there, he started to walk faster turning the corner to our street. Opened and right before he was gonna enter, he looked up, and on the roof was a pair of glowing red eyes. He rushed into the house, locking any door and locked himself into his room.

While he was sitting on his bed... he noticed the glowing red eyes was in the corner of the room. He stayed up until dawn that night. He still went to school(high) and found out that someone from school was beaten and murderer with his paynis cut off and hung off the bridge... the back story was... this guy was rumored to have raped a girl, and the family of this girl didn't like it. My brother knew this guy by his name, and the guy knew him too.

Its said that ignoring a calling ghost will bring death, if seen in your room, its best to prepare yourself.


:3 BOO!
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-oO Ghost Stories Oo-
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