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 Org Ranks of ALoHA(CGI)

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Org Ranks of ALoHA(CGI) Empty
PostSubject: Org Ranks of ALoHA(CGI)   Org Ranks of ALoHA(CGI) Icon_minitimeMon May 10, 2010 11:54 am

Rank Line-up:

Dragonjoo President (aka D)

Akzana General (aka Ak)
Alyshar General (aka Tango)
Bloodrain1 General (aka Blood)
Darkmoch General (aka Java)
Dhealer General (aka D)
Fixnglide General (aka Fix)
Kittens General (aka Kitty)
Kyoulyn General (aka Leetie)
Mizzhell General (aka Lyri)
Txernobill General (aka Bill)

Aksenfo Squad Commander (aka Ak)
Aksfix Squad Commander (aka Ak)
Aksmp Squad Commander (org bot)
Belannis0 Squad Commander
Benjlinus Squad Commander
Biryani Squad Commander
Blackworrior Squad Commander
Blitzda Squad Commander
Bloodrain12 Squad Commander (aka Blood)
Bloodrainer Squad Commander (aka Blood)
Buren Squad Commander
Chaostheory2 Squad Commander (aka D)
Darkfears Squad Commander
Dfixxer Squad Commander (aka D)
Dkotor Squad Commander (aka D)
Dmafia Squad Commander (aka D)
Eleottel Squad Commander (aka Aurthy)
Fishyfixxxxx Squad Commander (aka Fishy)
Fixitmick-1 Squad Commander
Fredmay Squad Commander
Hellskitty Squad Commander (aka Kitty)
Iamweak Squad Commander (aka D)
Javanated Squad Commander (aka Java)
Kyoulyn Squad Commander (aka Leetie)
Kryvina Squad Commander (aka Leetie)
Leetieshade Squad Commander (aka Leetie)
Mmmmcoffee Squad Commander (aka Zoranth)
Ostreococcus Squad Commander (aka Tango)
Paranoia Squad Commander
Pkopifix Squad Commander
Spyking Squad Commander
Tazvalcor Squad Commander
Tracymcmud Squad Commander
Wolverine74 Squad Commander
Zoranth Squad Commander

Abots Unit Commander (org bot)
Actualsize Unit Commander
Aksadv Unit Commander (aka Ak)
Aksengf Unit Commander (aka Ak)
Akskillz Unit Commander (aka Ak)
Aksnt Unit Commander (aka Ak)
Akstrade Unit Commander (aka Ak)
Blindgirl Unit Commander
Bonuta Unit Commander
Calyn Unit Commander
Cgiraid Unit Commander (org bot)
Demothese Unit Commander
Elethendrel Unit Commander (aka Ele)
Eriah Unit Commander
Firemehlazor Unit Commander (aka Zoranth)
Fixnfalk Unit Commander (aka Falk)
Gizz Unit Commander
Gonzook Unit Commander
Jawa Unit Commander
Kreosote Unit Commander
Leetietech Unit Commander (aka Leetie)
Ltkitten Unit Commander (aka Kitty)
Luinah Unit Commander
Mebla Unit Commander
Notumaqune Unit Commander (aka Bill)
Onama Unit Commander
Onafix Unit Commander
Rubikikid Unit Commander
Satern5 Unit Commander
Sird Unit Commander (aka D)
Siryusiam Unit Commander (aka Bill)
Sunkwon Unit Commander
Sweetalabama Unit Commander
Tankerklein Unit Commander (aka Klein)
Timoschenko Unit Commander
Wolverine72 Unit Commander
Xarroc Unit Commander (aka Stelgnite)
Xarrus Unit Commander

Bakedninja Unit Leader
Belannis Unit Leader
Bloodrainer3 Unit Leader (aka Blood)
Dameris1 Unit Leader
Eltorro Unit Leader
Exys Unit Leader
Fishyfix Unit Leader (aka Fishy)
Fishyfixx Unit Leader (aka Fishy)
Grantera Unit Leader
Imabossyo Unit Leader
Jjsdoc Unit Leader (aka Justin)
Jjsmet Unit Leader (aka Justin)
Keii Unit Leader
Kleinassasin Unit Leader (aka Klein)
Leetganker Unit Leader (aka Zoranth)
Lilmomo Unit Leader
Myvalintime Unit Leader
Snie Unit Leader
Staserk Unit Leader
Tiridan Unit Leader
Trandan-1 Unit Leader
Woodelf Unit Leader

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Posts : 106
Join date : 2010-04-21

Org Ranks of ALoHA(CGI) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Org Ranks of ALoHA(CGI)   Org Ranks of ALoHA(CGI) Icon_minitimeWed Oct 27, 2010 2:01 pm

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Org Ranks of ALoHA(CGI)
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