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 An interesting conversation with Gio - for all to see... (well most of it)

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An interesting conversation with Gio - for all to see... (well most of it) Empty
PostSubject: An interesting conversation with Gio - for all to see... (well most of it)   An interesting conversation with Gio - for all to see... (well most of it) Icon_minitimeWed Jan 19, 2011 12:33 am

Edvvin: But word on the street is less then favorable for your org. And that sort of thing comes back to bite you. I want to help you.
Txernobill: What do you mean the word on the street is bad for our org?
Edvvin: I was talking to some colleages about Silverstein and they said things to the effect of "just a noob org full of any idiots they can get ahold of"...
Txernobill: That sounds like someone with a sore elbow.
Edvvin: Not when it's a veteran org and multiple people. Sad
Edvvin: Sore elbows happen all the time....
Edvvin: But it was coming from the keyboard of people who've been here longer then us...and who pay attention to that sort of thing. I know CGI always did its own thing but we maintained a clean rap too.
Txernobill: I tell ya, ALoHA is in the same vein as CGI, only this time we don't have a psychotic president, and we still aim at having fun. Call us n00bs for all you want, but by the fact that we can still cater to members and we've been growing in nrs that means that we can't be doing everything wrong
Txernobill: And CGI was if anything worse than ALoHA because at least we're more coordinated, we even have an external city.
Txernobill: And from what I can see atm, we even do own a tower field!!!
Edvvin: This is true. And that's what I always loved about CGI. When ALOHA was formed Kitty wanted me to join but at the time I turned it down. ALOHA could be great for everyone. But when you've got people making you look bad and breaking TOS on other people it gets you a bad rap. What I fear is civil war. Especially since ALOHA is almost flagged.
Edvvin: I heard. Smile
Txernobill: Erm...
Txernobill: You get rotten apples everywhere.
Edvvin: That's why I wanted to offer to help you...
Edvvin: There's rotten apples...
Txernobill: No org can be blamed for the behaviour of a few individuals
Edvvin: Then there's entire groups of orgs that refuse to help your members simply because of the purple tag under their name.
Edvvin: In your eyes no. In the eyes of others, a member is represeting the organization. Their behavior reflects back on you.
Txernobill: Well, we seem to get along with a few allies enough to hold a tower field every now and then. That's something even CGI could barely manage
Edvvin: That's why these recruiting sprees that the people are talking about are a bad idea.
Edvvin: I'm not saying your all bad Bill, but I am saying that for the sake of your good members you should consider revising your policies, if you catch my drift.
Edvvin: If it were anyone else, we wouldn't be having this conversation.
Txernobill: In any case, I don't see a reason why I should care about others that aren't there anyways to defend our fields permanently or helping us out regularly anyways. What have we to gain?
Edvvin: The org would be marked for death. Odds are (unless the leader(s) themselves came forward) there'd be no meeting. No discussion. Just crap that a lot of people really don't deserve.
Txernobill: D is working on us getting higher toons so that we'll be autosufficient what concerns raiding and stuff
Txernobill: and we'll reach that status soon enough
Edvvin: It's not a gain...it's a loss. Like when someone asks someone for a buff and they see the name and turn them away.
[Ancient Lights of Holy Anarchy] Leetietech: Bill I gotta go afk for like 10 mins, dont kill him while I'm gone pl0x XD
Edvvin: Or, worse yet, they kick you from teams. The domino effect from that can get nasty.
Edvvin: I'm sure you can imagine.
Txernobill: We're also working to getting enough toons that can buff ourselves, I don't think we need anybody outside, so far it's been quite rare that I had to depend on outside help
Txernobill: And I think that everybody else really doesn't know our org if they think we're all bad apples.
Edvvin: They don't need to. They don't care. They dismiss you. I'm not here to lecture you Bill. I want to help you while I still can.
Txernobill: You sound as if we needed external help that badly.
Edvvin: But you want to point fingers at me. I'm shocked your dismissing me so much. We were side by side for years. All of us. And now you treat me like a random stranger.
Edvvin: Everybody does.
Txernobill: And who elected you mouthpiece of all the others anyways? If we were summoned at a general omni assembly then I'd give you more credibility.
Edvvin: PE, OTC, LRRP, AHI, ALOHA, CGI, it's not the org itself that relies on external help, it's the players.
Txernobill: As I've mentioned before, we're working on our autonomy.
Edvvin: No one. I'm a lurker. I see things. I gather information. And sometimes I choose to share it. So I'm sharing it with you.
Edvvin: But every player winds up running around Borealis looking for a 131. Or CI. A tradeskiller.
Edvvin: Every player goes /lft for SL or RK. Borgs, hecks....
Edvvin: If you don't want to use this gift, then do not. It is your choice. I wish only the best for you. Even if you don't wish the best for me.
Txernobill: Would the faction ever hold a meeting so we could have it out and face all of our accusers, and go over each case?
Edvvin: I doubt it. It's a waste of everyones time.
Edvvin: That and AO is popular worldwide so a lot of people are in different timezones.
Edvvin: I'd rather be farming VPs right now.
Leetietech is afk
Edvvin: Not telling you what I've seen and heard over the last few months.
Txernobill: I disagree. I think only that gives credibility and at least leaves a clear state of things after it's done. At least we would all know where we're at.
Edvvin: With that said...I'd really like to go make dinner. So I'm going to have to go now....
Txernobill: If there really is such a unity about the entire faction itself then it should prove that by holding a grand meeting.
Txernobill: See what you can do with that.
Txernobill: If you can organize that then I'm sure the top brass of ALoHA will attend and be willing to answer the charges.
Edvvin: I wish you the best. If Kitty is ever around give her my regards. And if you ever need help with towers or otherwise you can send me a tell.
Txernobill: How about that?
Edvvin: Bill.
Txernobill: Aren't you up to that challenge?
Txernobill: I think that's a worthy challenge for someone as well connected as you Smile
Txernobill: After all, the grand assembly hall in ICC gets so little use...
Edvvin: I said before, were this anyone else I wouldn't bothered talking to you at all. I tried to because I haven't forgotten our years together. I'm not spending time that I could be using to farm and level organizaing a meeting that will likely just turn into a pissing match anyway.
Txernobill: A pissing match? What do you mean? We're being accused as org that we tend to tolerate people that misbehave etc.
Edvvin: I probably could. But it'd take more time then I care to use when I pay to play the game and could be doing more enjoyable things.
Txernobill: That isn't true
Txernobill: See, that's the problem with paid toons.
Txernobill: They always have to get their money's worth.
Txernobill: Us fr00bs at least can ENJOY the game.
Leetietech is back
Edvvin: I have to end this. I'm sorry you feel that way that you do. I hope you'll consider what was said. if you don't, I hope you guys at least have luck with your org and towers.
Edvvin: Hungry hungry hungry. nomnomnomnom. Razz
Edvvin: This isn't how I wanted to spend my day off of work.
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An interesting conversation with Gio - for all to see... (well most of it) Empty
PostSubject: Re: An interesting conversation with Gio - for all to see... (well most of it)   An interesting conversation with Gio - for all to see... (well most of it) Icon_minitimeSun Jan 23, 2011 11:52 am

Sorry to say people from other orgs, have made similar comments to me. The constant asking for buffs and trade skills, seemed to be the main thing. Some were surprised that we had players over 150.

The number of alts by title level ruling, should ease up on this.

We need to get things under control; most members cannot be bothered to reply to the froob or sloob post. I would like to suggest we make that compulsory. If they don’t declare froob or sloob kick them.

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An interesting conversation with Gio - for all to see... (well most of it) Empty
PostSubject: Re: An interesting conversation with Gio - for all to see... (well most of it)   An interesting conversation with Gio - for all to see... (well most of it) Icon_minitimeSun Jan 23, 2011 7:58 pm

Wow almost everything he said is pure crap,
1. Most people people don't hang around rome or bore waiting to buff people, and they definitely dont run to buff other for free. Even i don't do that. (buff people outside of org unless they catch me, in a tell or something.) I have tradesillers and almost every buff in the game and i dont even buff people that need, and since i am in a org that have been training sloobs and froobs for over 5 years that says a lot.

2. That bad reputation is total crap, tell Gio get on the Hellcom (the omni high lvl raid bot then talk). Org Reputation dont really mean that much, people aren't going team you even if you are in the best org in AO. For pocket teams if NT and crat are important, it no nt DD professions only matter. There are few none pocket teams existing in AO now.
Only your personal reputation matters, if u join a team and slack off, or just be a leach then you will problems the future.

3. MOST people lvling these days are not new people, they are 220s lvling their alts. They way it works is that a friend / org mate pockets u etc. and in return you'll pocket their alts or assist them whenever they need. Its a give to get situation.

4. MOST of the high level orgs only invite you if you already have a 220 toon or have a 200+ alt, but ofc u cant reach high lvl without orgs like CGI and ALOHA. without orgs like us AO would be dead.

Lastly GIO himself have a bad reputation, from his history you can see he is a org jumper (or he got kicked a lot). So we will loose alot of good vibes if we invite him, not to mention his attitude will cause a lot of good people to leave org (already been proven). Not to mention he is totally ignorant of AO.
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An interesting conversation with Gio - for all to see... (well most of it) Empty
PostSubject: Re: An interesting conversation with Gio - for all to see... (well most of it)   An interesting conversation with Gio - for all to see... (well most of it) Icon_minitime

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An interesting conversation with Gio - for all to see... (well most of it)
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