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 Advisors' Handbook 9-3-2012

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PostSubject: Advisors' Handbook 9-3-2012   Advisors' Handbook 9-3-2012 Icon_minitimeTue Sep 04, 2012 12:55 am

Welcome Advisors! ^^<3

This topic will help you with rules, benefits and other informations you may need.

1. What can you do naturally as an Advisor.

- invite your -own- toons without screening. they must be added to alts list ofc. ^^

- invite people to orgchat bot for social or for screening -new- applicants, as well as remove people from orgchat bot.

- after the voting for the new applicant, advisors can invite into the org.

- advisors can promote their toons without screening.

- advisors will be able to access Advisors' bot to get news and be able to report good/bad deeds of orgmates.

- city access is free for advisors to use as they like.

- so long as no other orgmate is using the city, an advisor can "lend" out the city. but the advisor -must- be present and notify other advisors and president.


2. How to Recruit

1. a new applicant will be handed to you by:

- other orgmate referring the new person

- another advisor or president referring the new person

- yourself seeing a capable new apllicant

2. add the new applicant to the bot, any CGI's bot is fine. Do not use Neon's bot.

- the new recruit can socialize with orgmates, and thusly orgmates can judge themselves if the new person is wanted into the org.

- new applicants will stay on the bot for about 1 week.

- if the applicant is a troll/begger/spy, the advisor may kick when they want, and also remove them from being considered for an orgmate.

- make sure to let other advisors and the president know of the applicant's progress.

3. recruiting into org

- after a week or so of the applicant in the orgchat bot a vote will begin

- any advisor may start the vote

- 5 votes must be counted to be approved to recruit. (5 orgmates, alts do not count)

- if possible please note the orgmates that voted

- any negative vote against the new applicant is made, the advisor must correct the applicant before recruiting.

- more than 2 votes against recruiting will fail the recruitment.

- if an advisor or president votes against the applicant, the vote automatically fails.

{ Alts of new recruits/old orgmate MUST be added, failure to add to add alts to bot will be risked to kick at ever 3 month orglist cleaning }

4. orgchat bot

- only advisors and president are allowed to invite or approve to invite to org

- once the orgmate gets permission, any new alts must be listed to be auto invited

- any advisor can kick anyone from orgchatbot for:
arguing orgmate - kicked to stop the fight
unknown person

{ at a certain point all the bots will be made for only Advisors and the President can invite ppl into orgchat bot }

3. Promoting people

- advisors may only promote orgmates to members

- Vet rank is only allowed by a Advisors and President vote to promote as a Vet.

- Vets are usually people we are considering for new advisors and/or able to use the city.

{ we might change to a different formations like Department to have move ranks to promote, but that depends on the growing size of the org }

4. Unable to perform duties

- advisors have to be online regularlly, if the advisor doesn't show online often or is missing, the President and other advisors will decide:
to demote (toon will be kicked due to Funcom unable to demote offline toon. THIS IS NOT BANNING!)
to place on MIA (rank intact)

- disagreeing with other orgmates or advisors will summon an advisors' meeting.
an advisor or the president (that is NOT part of the problem) will put the people in conflict in a chat. the judging advisor/president may add a neutral orgmate to keep the meeting civil.

- leaving org with most of your toon or even the highest toon will result on demoting.

- toons in farm orgs are alright as long as they are listed in alts list, but you must not let that interfere with your advisoring duties.

- there will be -NO- sharing advisor toons. account sharing with advisor toons will result in demotion unless approved by the Advisors -and- The President. the person borrowing your toon cannot use that toon's rank for ANY ACTION OF RANK. recruiting, demotion, kicking can not be used. Impersonating an Advisor will not be tolerated and will be -KICKED- and asked later.

5. Advisors Bot

- Only Advisors and the President may be on this bot. ALL alts can and should be invited to this bot, it is not required, but not knowing the news and information from the bot is your own responsibility.

- the news on the bot will give updates. must be read daily.

- there may be 2 bots for use. we are testing out the bot(s)

- the bot will be used for meetings, casual chat and information about orgmates.

6. Suggesting a New Advisor

- yay! they will be passed thru the President and other Advisors for their opinions.

- promoting will happen with announcements. ^^ all new advisors MUST read this guide.


more to come if need be. details and whatnots with Advisors Bot. Kitty~
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Advisors' Handbook 9-3-2012
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