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 Update 9-3-2012 Updating Rules!!

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PostSubject: Update 9-3-2012 Updating Rules!!   Mon Sep 03, 2012 11:23 pm

Hellos all!! ^^<3

Just simple updates for the org, for ranks and slight rule changes!

1. Org Cleaning and New Advisors!!

- the bot cleaning is more or less DONE! Recruiting will begin!! 4 new advisors can now screen for new

Action being taken by Orgmates:

All Orgmates will add their alts to the bot. If you need help, simply type "!alts help" and all the
commands will be given to you.
Do not be alarmed on the process of cleaning a.k.a. kicking. There will be no punishment or harm to
anyone, this is just to make room for the coming recruitments. Again we are only cleaning ghosts toons we
don't know and toons from people that left the game.
( most known orgmates that we haven't seen in a long time will be sent messages explaining the cleaning
and the offer of recruiting as soon as they come back )


2. Ranks

- ^^<3 Again Luke, Klein, Oxy and Ed are the new Advisors!

President- Fixnglide
Advisors- D, Bill, Kitty, Luke, Klein, Oxy, Ed

Advisors' guidelines will be posted in a topic. ^^ Please read them to prepare yourself from anything
tossed your way. It will give more detailed benefits and responsibilities for advisors. <3


3. Recruiting

- we are trying a new way to recruit NEW members to the org! to keep TROLOLOLs out, or to keep people who

just want to place spy toons/ghost toons out of the org!

Recruiting Rules:

1. Only Advisors or the President are allowed to add them to orgchat bot.

2. The applicants will be screened for about a week.

3. After the week is up, an Advisor or the President will ask the org to vote if they want the NEW
applicant invited to the org.

4. 5 votes in total is needed to recruit into the org.

5. All advisors have to make sure other advisors and the president know of the new orgmate using the new
advisor bot being set up soon.

6. Depending on the New orgmate's title level, a certain amount of alts can be placed into the org.
(see below)

7. ALL ALTS MUST BE ADDED TO BOT. Every 3 months the bot will -automatically- give us a list to kick. IF
BE. KICKED. This is not a ban from the org, its easy enough to correct and reinvite but this can be easily
avoided by ADDING ALTS TO BOT.


NEW recruits are limited to a certain amount of alts able to join the org at a time due to level of the
highest toon they have in the org. Once out of the application status, the amount of alt toons in the org
will be judge by each case.


1: Level 1-14 = 1 toon

2: Level 15-49 = 2 toons

3: Level 50-99 = 3 toons

4: Level 100-149 = 4 toons

5: Level 150-189 = 5 toons

6: Level 190-204 = 6 toons

7: Level 205-220 = 7 toons


4. Minor Changes to the Org Rules

These are the rules of the org updated for 9 - 3 - 2012

1. Respect the ranks and everybody else you may find in the org. What the President says is rule, and all
Advisors have the power of command over those of lower rank as well. Also, don't disrespect any guest in
our org channel, since if they act in an inacceptable way, someone responsible will surely take upon
him/herself the defense of the honor of ALoHA(CGI) and kick him from our channel.
We do not allow clanners in org chat UNLESS known -and- permissioned by an Advisor and/or President.

2. Help in ALoHA(CGI) is free and seen as a natural given and expected from everyone, and everybody may
ask for help, independently of rank. That applies to giving items - no org intrading allowed. But spamming
the org chat with continuous and repetitive requests for buffs or other specific help, when it is obvious
that at that moment nobody is available to help, falls under the category of general org channel spamming,
Definition of spamming in the orgchat and to any orgmates is this: a message repeated in similar wording
and contents post 3 times over a 5 minute period.

3. Begging in the org is FORBIDDEN!!! Instead, ask for good company to gain money (either via team mish or
dungeon), or if you're in need of something, ask for the object directly, someone of higher level may have
a spare (nano, armor part, weapon or whatever).

4. Rising through the ranks in the org is done through hard work and commitment to the org. Amongst other
proofs of valor are included killing aliens and providing other assistance to the org's leadership and
other members.

5. Attacking towers without permission from Central Command Authority (the president or the vice-president
of the org) is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!!!
Only trusted orgmates are even allowed to attack towers. Joking or making false statements of attacking a
tower without permission can result in an instant kick from the org.

6. "Killstealing" is NOT TOLERATED! In the case of team mission with org members in which any item could
be wanted by 1 team member, the member in question should ask if he can have said item. If more then 1
member wants the item then it should be "rolled" as to who gets it first, and the member that gets it is
bound to keep in the team (unless having to leave the game by "force majeure") and help the other get the
item as well, so that in the end both (or all if there are more) get to have the item. If the member is
forced to leave the team due to having to exit the game, he compromises himself to help acquire the item
at the next possible occasion for the member that didn't get the item.


Org Chat Rules will be posted below. ( 5. Org Chat Casual Settings )

8. Recruiting is only to be done by someone with the rank of Advisors or higher! This of course includes
the alts of active Advisors who have the necessary rank to be able to recruit.
(See Advisors' guide topic for details)

9. Applicants are only allowed to have as many alts as their highest toon's TL. Also, the applicant's
highest-lvled toon MUST BE IN ORG!!! This means that a member who's highest toon is TL7 may have 7 alts,
TL6 only 6 alts, etc. The respective alts are also only to be of Applicant rank. The only exception is
made for Advisors.
The number of alt toons within the org AFTER the application period will be considered by each case.

Advisors or higher has to make this decision.

10. Only members of the rank of Advisors (and their respective alts) may invite other users as guest to
org chat!!!
It is allowed that getting permission from an Advisor or higher to add a person to chat. Name and faction
is needed. Clans are not allowed in org chat unless specially invited by Advisors and the President.

11. The main toon and respective alts MUST BE REGISTERED ON THE ORG BOT!!!
in org chat, type in "!alts help" and the bot will list you the commands you need.


5. Org Chat Casual Setting

Some of these rules are repeated but in better detail. they are again, updated for 9 - 3 - 2012.


2. ALoHA(CGI) is assuming itself as a mature org and so a small amount of harsh language is tolerated, as
long as it does not assume the characteristic of point 1. Cursing of clams is permitted as well as members
of the KOS list, as well as every other element excluding org members and anything that would result in
the negative aspects described in point 1.

3. Regarding sexual content, given the fact that most of ALoHA(CGI)'s members are mature it is inevitable
that at times sexual content can arise in org chat and will also be tolerated, in moderate quantity.
Nevertheless, any forceful abuse of the !cybor command of any org bot that contains that command will not
be tolerated - in fact, the use of the !cybor command is only permitted during moments where it is
considered propitious and in context of what is mainly being discussed in org chat at specific moments.

4. Org bots are some of the handiest tools present in org chat and are there to be used - not abused.

Don't spam org chat with obviously senseless information requests.

5. Only members of the rank of Advisors (and their respective alts) may invite ( or permission ) other
users as guest to org chat!!!
Name and faction of the guest is required. No Clans unless stated by an Advisor and/or President.

6. "Friendly Fire"

Orgmates tend to have fun with eachother... Duh. Joking around and such. This should be fine and under the rules.

Funcom makes us agree everytime we log into AO, that everyone should regard their rules of conduct. Thusly, once joking around gets too far, you have to crease fire. Once an orgmate becomes offended (to their own degree or to the Advisors/President watching) any "fun" must stop. We are not babysitters, use the "ignore" option and tell an advisor if you want someone done about it.

Punishment for overly using "friendly fire", will start off by being reminded of the rules, then to banning from the bot, to just plain kicking. Some instance might require kicking first, then talk later.

JOKING about breaking the rules is just joking. Breaking the rules is breaking the rules. Actions will be decided by Advisors and the President.

6. Org City

Though the city is largely for the paid account orgmates, froobs can effect alien city raids and ofc enter
all buildings.

-Do not interfere with a city alien raid. Do not enter the city when the raid begins. This will effect the
level of aliens and the amount of aliens spawning in the city. It is a bannable offense if found that the
orgmate entered the city on purpose to effect the raid without permission!!

-Please make sure to enable the cloak on the city after raid is over.

-If you are getting rich off our org city, it is only fair that you aid the payment of the city. Ofc we
don't expect you to become poor from donating, but we do think that a little aid might be called for. :3

-"Lending" the city to a non-orgmate can ONLY be permitted by an Advisor or the President.

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PostSubject: Re: Update 9-3-2012 Updating Rules!!   Mon Sep 03, 2012 11:23 pm

reserved for future updating <3
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PostSubject: Re: Update 9-3-2012 Updating Rules!!   Wed Sep 05, 2012 12:28 am

I like, it covers a lot of good stuff. Was hoping for this for awhile.
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PostSubject: Re: Update 9-3-2012 Updating Rules!!   Wed Sep 05, 2012 12:30 am

^^<3 thank you very much D <3

i'll try to update things more often! -salutes thy military D!
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PostSubject: Re: Update 9-3-2012 Updating Rules!!   

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Update 9-3-2012 Updating Rules!!
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