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 Story time?

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If we started a section in forum for it, would anyone bother to write?
A. Yes! I would love to write! :D
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B. Hmm, I might if I have time...
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PostSubject: Story time?   Story time? Icon_minitimeTue Jul 31, 2012 6:03 am

In our previous forums we had sections where org members would write to their hearts content. We had random stories about random things, and even had stories based off our toons in AO. (Kitty's was personally my absolute favorite, hers was so detailed and unique!)

I know our forum isn't visited as often as it should be; but I'm hoping to get all the members to start signing in here to check on new rules and topic updates. (HINT: I haven't seen Ed sign up...) Anyway, the stories are just for fun, like most things are in this "Offtopic" section of the forum.

As a writer myself, I'm tired of posting my stories online and getting no reviews and only "thumbs up" on my stories. I would like to get some feedback once and awhile, and I think that posting on the forum would be a great idea for those in org with the gift of writing. (KITTY REPOST YOUR OLD ONES OR WRITE ANEW PL0X). Even if you are not an avid writer, go ahead and write one and see what the org thinks of it! Who knows? You might have a hidden talent for it!

Rules of the Story Writing

This is still part of the forums, thus certain rules must be followed.

1. If you have any Rated R explicit content, please give a warning at the beginning. This gives the reader a warning and no excuse to be cruel towards the content.
2. No crude remarks about other's stories. If the content offends you in anyway, contact a ranked officer or send a personal message in game or out of game to the player.
3. No rude content of players still in the org (ex. Bill, Kitty, me), or friends of the org (ex. Luni and Cupid). If they are an enemy of the org or have disgraced the org, you may write to your heart's content. If a player in the org offended you, tell someone about it, and just keep them out of your story. It's that simple.
4. Please use decent grammar and punctuation. We all enjoy the casual 1337 speak every now and again, but in stories it's annoying and difficult to get a full grasp of the story.
5. Make sure to give your story a title and maybe even a summary! If it's a second chapter or a different story, write at the beginning before you start. This assures the reader doesn't get confused.
6. Enjoy the story! All stories deserve some kind of appreciation so comment about something you enjoyed about the story whenever you enjoy a good story. If the author asks for your opinion, then you are welcome to KINDLY state how they could improve it.


And now, since you guys are still reading this, you get to see one of my short stories!8D Please enjoy.

Title: The Shades
Rated: PG, PG-13 -- A couple cursewords.
Chapter: 1

The tunnel was endless, with many turns and twists this way and that. Something inside me told me to run. To run from them. I was still quite unsure who they were, but I knew they were dangerous, and maybe even lethal. The streets split into different directions and I chose the left, hoping for some reason they wouldn't see me and go right.

I was running low on health, my body growing weaker and weaker as their damage perks and debuffs hit my poor, fragile Nanomage body. I looked down at my last health stim of a low level. That would barely help at all. I shifted my body, wincing in pain at my wounds, as I grabbed the only backpack I had not dropped in my run from them.

"Come on, I know I have some stims in here somewhere!"

I hid behind a small tree, taking items out and throwing them. All of them were useless if I died. I threw my old, worn Ofab armor to the ground and found what I was looking for. A higher leveled stim. I tried to apply it, but with some difficulty. My hands were stiff, and my nanos had worn off, leaving me helpless with opening and applying the healing stim. I was doomed.

I heard a small crackle of a tree branch being broken underneath the the weight of a foot. I looked around to see nothing, but I knew they were there. Before I knew it, I was rooted to the spot. The low quality stim and high quality one dropped to my feet, I knew it would be useless to even apply them to my wounds. They knew it as well. They let out cackles of laughter as they surrounded my unmoving body. I knew this was my end. I closed my eyes, ready to meet the people who ran the Reclaim Terminals. Unfortunately, no one was ever the same after their Reclaim trip.

I looked up at my very well hidden attackers:

They were masters of stealth, just like the Agents who got intelligence by hiding and watching, and often hired for assassinations of the other sides organization presidents. There was probably one watching my death now, reporting back to their Omni Headquarters, giving news that a clan, nanomage Nano-technician was taken out by them. Another victim.

They were masters of melee, just like the Martial Artists, who would use their fists or swords to put their enemies to rest.

They were masters of speed, just like the Fixers, both their movements and attacks were swift and fast, but their opponents deaths were always painful and purposely slow.

They were masters of healing, just like the Doctors, but instead of how the Doctor's gave their nano in sacrifice to heal, they used the opponents health to their advantage, taking the health away from them and replenishing their own.

Of course, like any profession they had a weakness. I swallowed and shut my eyes, casting a nano I knew would cause my demise, but hopefully several of theirs as well. They had high evades, but most could not dodge attacks with nanos.

Sadly, my death was in vain. Before I could even finish my casting, they had all appeared, their swords digging into my flesh and my life slowly beginning it's slow, restart at the Reclaim Terminal.

They had claimed yet another victim. They won yet again. They were...

The Shades.

Hope you enjoyed.(:
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PostSubject: might if theres time   Story time? Icon_minitimeSun Nov 03, 2013 9:15 pm

Eh sounds like an interesting idea Leetie
I might if theres time, or if anyone still checks the site Razz
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Story time?
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